Thursday, April 2, 2009

When Life Gets to Be Too Much [[Or So It Seems]]

My brain feels like mush. No really. Like a big bowl of overcooked oatmeal that is now unrecognizable. Its not all from being sick, but that is definitely one of the factors.

My house is a disaster zone. I have been sick since Sunday, which means nothing of note has really been done with the house since then. All of you with a husband and a toddler can probably imagine the state of my house pretty easily, since even one day with those two beings in a house can generate quite a bit of a mess. My mother was coming for a visit tomorrow. Which means the house needed to be clean by tomorrow. I just now got a call from her saying that she is sick as well and wants to save her visit for two weeks from now. Which stinks. It out of our hands though. I miss my mom. When my brain feels like this, her visits always seem to help.

Little Man is definitely showing the wear and tear of me being sick as well. He's starting to really rebel against the lack of attention I've been able to give him the past few days. I've been trying to not get him sick, but that makes it hard for me to spend any real time with him. Let me tell you, the tantrums and rebellion is at an all time high right now. That is definitely not helping the brain-mush situation.

Dearest Hubby is also pretty much a ghost around here lately. He graduates college in less than a month, and has had events going on for what seems like every day. Not to mention his job being up in the air as of yesturday. So now on top of worrying about finishing his degree, he now has to find a new job, or else as of May 1st he will be unemployed.

Blah. I hope things clear up soon.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

[[Wish it was...]] Wordless Wednesday.

Budding Artist



I hate being uncertain. Being the optimist that I am, I tend to feel pretty secure, despite uncertain times. Today though, I believe I may have met my match. I'm feeling pretty damn uncertain right about now.

My brilliant hubster managed to score an amazing job with a start-up company months before graduating college. We were finally gaining financial independence that we had never experienced before. Now, our future isn't so bright. My hubster called me to let me know that his company's financers have decided to cut funding and his hours will slowly be cut. The future of the company isn't looking too good.

If you happen to know of any job openings for a computer science major who manages to pull a 4.0 GPA despite having a wife and child at home, please let us know. Also, let us know how you deal with these uncertain times, and prevent them from eating away at your sanity.